Site Introduction of QDS Mounted Belt Move Pod

Project Role:

After having reviewed the provided safety file and documentation, Teleo Engineering noted that the following categories of the Belt Move Pod Safety File were deficient or missing:

  • Certificate of Structural Conformance (Signed by a Chartered Professional Engineer),
  • Nameplate Details; and
  • Plant Data Sheet.

To fulfil the requirements of the site introduction, Teleo Engineering supplied mechanical engineering expertise and project support to the client, and took the following actions:

  • Measured the existing QDS Belt Move Pod,
  • Supplied an accurate and complete Plant Nameplate,
  • Compiled an accurate Plant Datasheet,
  • Created a 3D Solidworks Model of the unit from as built measurements,
  • Executed a Finite Element Analysis (FEA) of the model; and
  • Had a Chartered Professional Engineer review the FEA, and sign off on a statement of conformance.

By addressing the deficiencies, Teleo Engineering delivered the required documentation to complete the safety file of the equipment to be used on site. This allowed for the unit to be received and put into service in a timely manner.

Project Assignment:

Teleo Engineering provided engineering and project expertise to allow for the introduction of a QDS Mounted Belt Move Pod to site after it was noted that the supplied design/safety file had document requirements that were deficient or missing.

Associated Services:

  • QDS Attachments
  • Aftermarket Modifications of OEM Equipment

Service Category

  • Commissioning