Process Equipment Design for Oil and Minerals Processing

Project Role:

Teleo Engineering has over 15 years experience in design of storage tanks to API650 – Welded Steel Tanks for Oil Storage and API620 – Design and Construction of Large, Welded, Low-pressure Storage Tanks. Designs include on-ground steel process tanks up to 26Ml capacity and elevated steel process tanks up to 14Ml capacity. Design Process conditions for tanks ranges from ambient temperature potable water through to extreme acids and alkalis at high temperature. Materials of construction include mild steel through exotic duplex stainless steels with a strong understanding of the special requirements for acid resistant lining systems. Roof and venting for tanks operating up to 105 degrees Celsius has also been undertaken. Our engineers have been recognised for their knowledge in seismic design of tankage through the publication of a paper for an International Paste Conference having had significant experience in the design for high seismic regions around the world.

Teleo Engineering also has experienced in the design of pressure vessels to AS1210 and ASME VIII. Our engineers have design gas containment vessels up to AS1210 hazard class 1 and pressure ranges up to 5.4MPa pressure rating. This experience has been developed in the oil and gas field designing ASME section VIII pressure vessels such as separators and induced gas flotation units, free water knock out units. In addition, design for high-pressure hydrogen storage tanks used in petrochemical refinery has been undertaken.

Teleo Engineering doesn’t stop at the major equipment in our experience of process equipment. We also understand the interlinking requirements and have expertise in the design of process piping and ancillary mechanical equipment specifications. We can design in multiple materials for different process conditions and understand the fluid behaviour of contents from gas through to high yield strength slurry. We have knowledge of the range of pumping systems and impact this has on the overall process design.

Project Assignment:

Teleo Engineering is experienced in the design of process equipment for liquid and gas handling. This can be broken down to three main areas of expertise being storage tanks, pressure vessels and process piping and ancillary mechanical equipment specification.

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