Design, Fabrication Consultation of PC Cubicle

Project Role:

The underground development group of Illawarra Coal had a requirement for a custom made PC Cubicle for use underground. It had to be structurally sound, meet regulatory and Australian Standard requirements, as well as be transportable via QDS or RAS attachment plates.

After having reviewed the customer requirement, Teleo Engineering did the following:

  • Designed, modelled using 3D software,
  • Performed mechanical calculations,
  • Performed a Finite Element Analysis (FEA) on the structural Steel; and
  • Created construction drawings.

Once the design had been reviewed and accepted, Teleo Engineering consulted during the fabrication process and on-site acceptance of the PC Cubicle.

By designing a custom piece of plant, and supplying the design of a safe and functional piece of mining equipment, Teleo Engineering delivered an integral piece of equipment for the development group of Illawarra Coal.

Project Assignment:

Teleo Engineering provided engineering and project expertise to design, source fabrication, and manage the on-going fabrication questions to complete the delivery of custom designed underground PC Cubicles. The units were to be designed to be lifted by both QDS and RAS attachment plates, as well as satisfy all compliance requirements of the Australian OS&H Act, Australian Standards, client specifications, and mining design guidelines.

Associated Services:

  • Design of Original and Custom Equipment
  • Design of QDS and RAS equipment
  • Site Introduction of Plant
  • Project Management

Service Category

  • Commissioning
  • Design
  • Project Execution & Delivery