Design, Fabrication and Installation of Dolly Car Cabin

Original Condition Dolly 2 Dolly 3 Finished Dolly

Project Role:

The existing Dolly Car Cabin had been in service for approximately 30 years. During this service, the cabin suffered significant structural corrosion due to the harsh operating conditions. The cabin warranted replacement, and it required a design evaluation against the current Australian Standards and Mining Design Guidelines.

After having reviewed the existing dolly car cabin and its existing documentation, Teleo Engineering re-designed the unit to meet current standards and guidelines, and completed the following tasks:

  • Created a 3D Solidworks Model of the unit from as-built measurements and existing documentation,
  • Created a full set of construction and as-built drawings,
  • Executed a Finite Element Analysis (FEA) of the model; and
  • Had a Chartered Professional Engineer review the FEA, and sign off on a statement of conformance.

Once the design had been reviewed and accepted, Teleo Engineering managed the fabrication and on-site installation of the Dolly Car Cabin. The installation took place over a 2 day shut down at a major coalmine in New South Wales. The project management of the re-design, fabrication and installation included the following tasks:

  • Co-ordinated a tender and review process,
  • Performed site visits and inspections,
  • Co-ordinated sub-contractors for site works, electrical installation, and hydraulic installation,
  • Managed the mine induction and mine appointment process,
  • Managed on-site Installation over a 2 day shutdown, including scheduling, job instructions, and change management process; and
  • Updated Plant Safety File and documentation.

By designing and supplying a safe and functional piece of mining equipment, Teleo Engineering delivered an integral piece of the winder transportation system. This allowed for the mine to meet statutory requirements for the safe transportation of men in and out of the mine without losing any time during the installation process.

Project Assignment:

Teleo Engineering provided engineering and project expertise to re-design, source fabrication, and manage the on-site installation of the drift winder dolly car cabin to satisfy compliance with Australian Standards, client specifications, and mining design guidelines.

Associated Services:

  • Aftermarket Modifications of OEM Equipment
  • Project Management

Service Category

  • Commissioning
  • Design
  • Project Execution & Delivery