Custom Attachment Points for Conveyance Trailing Cable

Project Role:

After having reviewed the requirements of the client, as well as the previous design methods employed by West Cliff Colliery, Teleo Engineering designed a trailing cable restraint system to meet the requirements of the Australian Standards and provide communication and control of the conveyance in a 500m shaft. This included the following:

  • Site visits underground,
  • Construction drawings and drawing pack; and
  • Design as per AS4024.1 – Safety of Machinery.

Teleo Engineering created designs for restraining cables at collar level of the shaft, at the conveyance itself, as well as a design for embarking and disembarking the conveyance at pit bottom. This design included the following:

  • A guide for the trailing cable,
  • A platform for embarking and disembarking from the conveyance; and
  • A platform for resting the conveyance upon the sump at Pit Bottom.

By addressing the requirements of attaching a trailing cable to the conveyance in the secondary shaft at West Cliff, Teleo Engineering delivered a means of attaching an important means of communication to an vital system of egress from the mine.

Project Assignment:

Teleo Engineering provided engineering and project expertise to design a system of restraining a trailing cable and attaching it to a conveyance in a 500m shaft. In addition to this requirement, design a modified landing point for the conveyance at Pit Bottom.

Associated Services:

  • Project Management
  • Design

Service Category

  • Design
  • Project Execution & Delivery