Appin Area 9 Project – Selection, Definition and Execution Phases

Project Role:

Teleo Engineering provided project mechanical engineering support for mechanical design review and design improvements for supplied components to address compliance issues with current Mining Design Guidelines.

Teleo Engineering successfully delivered the design packages to support the various project development phases, and the final delivery of hardware and equipment to site. This included site introduction.

Project Assignment:

To provide mechanical engeering design services for development of new underground mining domain project worth >$1 Billion. The assignement specifically focused on the supply of compressed air, process water, de-watering and methane drainage services. Other tasks included design reviews and improvements for various mechanical packages, and project package delivery support.

Associated Services:

  • Project Development
  • Project Delivery

Service Category

  • Certification
  • Commissioning
  • Design
  • Project Development
  • Project Execution & Delivery