Project Portfolio Management

Teleo Engineering understands that most of our clients have a constrained capital budget to be used over a wide range of projects and need to ensure that they do not overinvestment in projects that do not add high value to the business. We provide portfolio visibility to ensure that our clients have the correct information to assess and prioritise where and how their capital is being used for projects to ensure that they do not misalign their business requirements and objectives.

Teleo Engineering specialises in the development of PMO systems that can be tailored to suit our client’s business requirements. We can provide skill transfer or outsourced management of part or all of the PMO.

Teleo Engineering identifies overall portfolio improvement opportunities by assessing our client’s current performance with fit for purpose monitoring and control systems. If required Teleo Engineering can assess projects at risk and develop recovery plans or by realignment of portfolio priority based on changing risk profiles.

Teleo Engineering can assess and collate opportunities for projects and programs to be grouped to meet the business objectives, and to ensure the effective use of capital and available resources for our clients.  This includes the use of prioritisation workshops and tools to allow our client to identify how best to apply their capital budget.  Our monitoring tools allow our client to understand how their portfolio is performing against budget and what adjustments can be made to ensure opportunities are not missed within a budget cycle.