Project Development

Teleo Engineering understands that working on the right project at the right time is critical to sustain a competitive advantage and we can assist clients in project development from concept design, funding and internal approval processes and into the execution phase of a project. We structure our clients project portfolio to align with their strategic business goals and objectives to consistently deliver maximum value. Our talented team of experienced engineers employs sound principles across all project disciplines in the mining sector and we drive visibility and priority into our clients portfolio to execute single or multiple projects. Our clients turn to Teleo Engineering when they need the skills, experience and specialist support to execute projects.
Teleo Engineering understands the value proposition for clients to move forward and invest in todays capitally constrained markets by focusing on culture change and adoption to:

  • Manage project portfolios to ensure scarce resources are invested in projects wit the best value and risk profile
  • Improve project implementation capabilities
  • Reduce the risks in the aspects of production and safety
  • Assess and optimise existing processes to improve business outcomes
  • Manage stakeholder requirements
  • Align the business and the project portfolio by implementing ongoing communication management, governance, prioritisation and selection facilitation
  • Assist with compliance to continually changing regulatory requirements, Workers Health and Safety regulations and community interactions
  • Sustain and maintain existing equipment by the replacement of aging equipment
  • Review the project portfolio by implementing periodic performance review processes that capture changed risk and value profiles to identify opportunities
  • Assess and either recover or discontinue projects at risk of failure or that are failing to deliver expected outcomes

Teleo Engineering focuses on ensuring the best outcomes for our clients by applying the appropriate amount of Front End Loading (FEL). Results and data from projects consistently validates that poor FEL leads to poor project value and high FEL leads to maximum project value. We can help our clients find the suitable balance and right solution for their business needs, problems and potential opportunities.
Teleo Engineering can complete Project Value Analysis (PVA), this will optimise the project value throughout the development cycle to ensure the best value is delivered to the client. This is the optimal time to complete PVA for a project is during the concept and definition phases, as the impact of PVA decreases significantly once the project progresses into the execution phase. We assist clients with scopes, estimates, schedules, risk and quality management for projects in the development phase. The results from the PVA are used to define an approach to improve ongoing portfolio management practices that align with your business objectives.