Independent Peer Reviews

Teleo Engineering offers Independent Peer Reviews for our clients at any stage during the project development cycle to assess tollgate readiness, or to improve project delivery outcomes during execution. These reviews include technology assessments, Front End Loading (FEL) levels, business case justifications and project benchmarking to improve project performance.

Research has shown that poor FEL leads to lost project value and an increased likelihood of poor performance during project execution (running over time and/or budget, and poor safety performance).  Teleo Engineering assess projects to see how well they are being development as compared to industry norms, and then identifies areas for improvement to ensure better project outcomes.

During project execution, Teleo Engineering reviews project performance and management plans for potential risk areas and works with our clients to improve those areas.  This increases the chances for overall project success for all stakeholders, and can often improve the project’s final value to the client.

Teleo Engineering also performs Post Investment Reviews, which allows our clients to see how the project performed against the original objects and business justification.  This involves a detailed review of project from conception, approval, and through to final delivery including stakeholder engagement. These reviews often provide our client’s with insights on where their project processes can be improved to maximise the value of future projects.