Health & Safety

Teleo Engineering recognises that Work Health and Safety (WH&S) is as important as our commitment to other business objectives and is committed to the health, safety and welfare of all employees and aims to provide a safe and healthy work environment for our employees.

Teleo Engineering strives to be a leader in heath and safety, and is committed to following practical tested principles to avoid, reduce, control and manage the factors contributing to the health and safety of our employees and clients at our office and on client’s sites.

Teleo Engineering has implemented the following practices for (WH&S) by complying with all relevant statutory obligations, contractual requirements and systems, by providing adequate resources and training to establish and maintain safe systems of work, by integrating health and safety requirements into all aspects of the business and to maintain and increase the competency of employees, by continuously improving our performance through technology, education and good management practices and measure our performance against our objectives and targets, and by promoting a positive health and safety culture by ensuring all employees are accountable for ensuring a safe workplace by following site rules and procedures, reporting hazards, wearing provided personal protective equipment and adopting the principle that all incidents can be prevented through good practice.