Other Services

Teleo Engineering can provide services to determine the condition of plant and equipment. Our engineers have over 25 years experience in structural and mechanical condition reports for coal and heavy industry plants. Services include visual inspection and indicative NDE of welded structures for crack propagation evaluation with magnetic particle testing and plate thickness with ultrasonic testing. This helps our clients focus on failure risk points and helps keep plant operating with a higher utilisation.

Our engineers are experienced in the consolidation and modernisation of your plant documentation. This can be in cataloguing your drawings and technical documents, converting from hand drawn to 2D or 3D CAD and reviewing drawings against current plant to revised drawings to match current conditions.

In today’s environment great emphasis is put on minimising energy waste. This can be in the amount of electricity we use and also in heat management. Our experienced engineers can provide you with the skills to assess the processes where energy could be better used with both air and electrical power systems.