Engineering Services

Teleo Engineering offers a wide range of mechanical, civil, and structural design services to our clients from conceptual layout design through to final design for certification. Designs can be completed in either 2D or 3D. Our engineers have been carrying out FEA analysis since 1995 and can provide design verification for plant and equipment.

Teleo Engineering provides third party verification and certification of design for mechanical and structural plant and equipment, specialised lifts and transportation for highly complex and non-standard engineering challenges.

Teleo Engineering personnel are experienced in providing independent commissioning services. This is through specifying, securing, monitoring plant, equipment, and services so that our client’s assets can operate at their optimum potential. We can prepare coordinated commissioning programs and can produce detailed method statements for all stages of the testing and commissioning process. We have capabilities to review the design documentation for commissionability, single points of failure and future maintainability.

Teleo Engineering is able to determine the condition of plant and equipment for structural and mechanical condition reports for coal and heavy industry plants by visual inspections and indicative NDE of welded structures for crack propagation evaluation with magnetic particle testing and plate thickness with ultrasonic testing.

Teleo Engineering has extensive experience in documentation and can consolidate and modernise plant documentation. This can be by cataloguing drawings and technical documents, converting from hand drawn to 2D or 3D CAD and reviewing drawings against current plant to revised drawings to match current conditions.